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  • Version: 1.3

Pack of 8 free plug-in filters and effects for Photoshop

Fotomatic is a collection of eight free plug-ins for Photoshop with which you can easily apply interesting effects to your pictures.

The Fotomatic plug-in collection is installed like any other application. After the installation, Fotomatic plug-ins should be available via the Filter menu in Photoshop. If not, you’ll have to move the Fotomatic folder manually from the Program Files directory to the Plug-ins folder inside the Photoshop installation in your hard drive. The good news is that Fotomatic is not only compatible with Photoshop, but also with any other photo editor that works with 8BF filters.

The filters included in Fotomatic simulate some of the effects you can achieve with traditional photographic equipment and techniques. You can obtain images in black and white, grained photos or colors that resemble a 70's picture, among other effects. All of the filters include sliders to adjust the effect, as well as a thumbnail to preview results in real time.

Though the results may not be as spectacular as other filters, the Fotomatic plug-in collection is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to make your images stand out.

With the Fotomatic plug-ins you can add a special touch to your photos in just a couple of clicks.


  • As easy way to apply effects to your photos
  • Varied and customizable filters
  • Real-time preview
  • Compatible with any editor that works with 8BF plug-ins


  • You may need to install the plug-ins manually

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Fotomatic 1.3 for PC

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